Solar Control Coatings

When you have a large expanse of glass in a building space as you would with your IQ Glassroom you have to start considering the possibility of Solar Gain, in which the suns heat waves heat up the internal space of the property, increasing the internal temperature.

By using a Solar Control Coating on the glass you reduce the amount of overheating that can occur by preventing the sun’s heat rays from entering your Glazed extension and keeping the space cool and manageable.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-Cleaning coatings can be applied to glass to reduce the maintenance and upkeep of your glass extension. The Coating is a non-stick coating applied to the external face of the glass units to prevent dirt and grime sticking to the glass surfaces.

The coating also eases water run off meaning that water does not dry on the glass leaving water marks.

Self-Cleaning Glass may be a useful consideration for large glass units and hard to reach glass units to ease the longevity and appearance of the glazing units.

Translucent Glass

When Privacy is a consideration translucent glass can be used to obscure views, keeping your IQ Glassroom a light but private space.

Translucent (or ‘cloudy’) glass can be used on certain faces of your Glazed Extension to shield your living space from neighbouring gardens or close walkways.

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