Heated Glass is a way to use the glazing in your IQ Glassroom as the sole heat source for the space. The Low-E coating applied to the internal face of the glass unit is conductive, an electrical charge is passed through the coating and it generates heat.

This highly efficient heating system can remove the need for any other heat source in your IQ Glassroom. The glass is completely transparent and looks like any normal glazing unit, disguising the brilliant technology going in under the surface. 

The Glass works as any standard heating system would work, using thermostats to monitor the air temperature, but as the system works on a radiant heating system, akin to that of the sun, it heats the objects in the space, including the occupants, rather than the air, meaning that you can keep your air temperature a few degrees lower and saving you money.

By using heated glass in your Glazed Extension you remove all the normally cold faces that can be associated with a highly glazed environment. You do not feel any cold drafts form the glass surfaces and you keep your extension confortable and warm all year around.

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