IQ’s rooflights come in all shapes and sizes in various combinations with all of our system types.

Skylights allow light in from the sky down into your IQ Glassroom. The structural light well creates light to fill the space not matter the position of the sun in the sky.

IQ Glassrooms work with the best materials and our design and engineering team will design your rooflights to sit as framelessly as possible within your space and can be personally tailored towards your design intent.

Extend or create a balcony from an upper floor room over your IQ Glassroom. Adding in a walk-on IQ rooflight will allow you to keep the light coming into your IQ Glassroom. The anti-slip finish can come in a variety of patterns and styles allowing you to keep your personal touch to the design.

A Lanterend rooflight is a more traditional design solution to the rooflight. In typical IQ style we can offer our own frameless, fully glazed version of this traditional aspect, allowing for a fully glazed construction with the glass supporting itself as well as framed options.

Sliding rooflights
Sliding rooflights allow you maintain a flat roof level and incorporate ventilation into the roof glazing. Due to the height and accessibility the majority of these are automated, allowing you to slide back the majority of your roof space at the press of a button.

Glass roofs
When you want a larger run of glass, have a glass roof. If you don’t want a Glass Box Extension but want a larger amount of roof glass incorporate a structural glass section into your roof space.

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