For perfect temperatures, natural light, and a comfortable living environment, hundreds of our customers choose to install glass vents in their glazed extensions.

Increased air flow
IQ Glassrooms Roof Vents allow part or a section of your roof on your IQ Glassroom to be opened, allowing a refreshing path of air into your living space whilst maintaining an environment where natural light is paramount. Heat and warm air will rise to the top of a space over time. It is only logical to release the build-up of that air with opening windows in the roof, allowing air floor through the space.

IQ Glassrooms work with the best materials and our design and engineering team will design your rooflights to sit as framelessly as possible within your space and can be personally tailored towards your design intent.

Idyllic living space
Whether you want them incorporated in the glazed roof of a wintergarden or hardwood conservatory or in the roof of your contemporary orangery or glass box extension, IQ Glassrooms roof vents allow ventilation and air into your extension, creating a comfortable living environment.

Easy to use
With IQ’s design and engineering team we can design the roof vents to be auto opening, responding to the internal and external environments to keep your lives comfortable and easy. Temperature sensors, rain sensors and wind sensors, mean that your roof vents respond readily to the environment to keep rain out and allow hot air to escape.

Be sure to ask us how you can incorporate an IQ Roof Vent into your IQ Glassroom.



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Increased airflow
Ideal temperature
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