IQ Glassrooms clients looking for a modern contemporary aesthetic to their extension opt for IQ Sliding Glass Doors.

The concept of a Sliding Glass Doors' system is to hide the framework in the surrounding finishes leaving an almost frameless finish. The sense of framelessness is heightened by the use of large panes of moving glass up to 12m2.

The head and base section of the system is flush fitted into the floor and soffit creating a truly frameless perimeter. The panel to panel 'coupling' section is only 21mm wide offering the most slender of vertical junctions. The thermally broken system can be colour coded to blend in with adjacent finishes or as a direct contrast. In typical rear elevations of residential properties the openings usually only require 2/3 sliding panels and therefore only 1 or 2 vertical members visible in the glazing.

The running rail is a high-precision stainless steel rod embedded in an extruded aluminium profile such as that used for linear guides in machine engineering. A wiper seal installed at either end of the sliding leaf cleans the stainless steel running rail and coats it with a thin film of lubricant on each sliding movement. The bearings of the roller carriage in the cassette are not rigid and can tilt slightly in running direction. This ensures optimum contact between the two ball bearings of each roller block and the stainless steel running rail at all times. The above technical innovations all contribute in having a very smooth running system so that even the maximum sized panels can be operated manually.

The unique roller carriage assembly glides over the stainless steel sliding rail allowing huge panels of up to 12m2 to be moved easily by hand. 

The wheels can be mounted inside the glass unit (a patented system). As a result the depth of the sliding track in the base stays minimal (12-13mm). With this unique solution Wheelchair access is easily achieved.

The stainless steel wheels are concave in order to fit perfectly around the stainless steel sliding rail on which they roll. This is a very similar design than a train track solution and ensures that the sliding leafs will stay perfectly in the middle of the frame. As a result the leafs slide noiseless and effortless despite their weight. The wheels can be mounted inside the glass unit (a patented system) whereby the height difference between the window frame and the rail on which the leafs slide stays minimal (15mm). This will allow perfect wheelchair access if required.

Solid HDPE500 block elements (neoprene block) serve for the connection of the bottom track to the building structure. It offers a better insulation than aluminium profiles between the inside and the outside of the building and between the concrete and the aluminium window. It allows a complete flush detail between the inside and outside floor finish as the neoprene block will be installed within a tolerance level of 1mm.

The patented base detail also provides a continuous grooved solid nylon block which supports a slot drain overcoming common waterproofing issues at the base. An EPDM gasket is specified pre-installed to the base further eliminating water ingress issues.

The slimline handle is coloured to match the surrounding framework, hides neatly against the opening leaf. When the handle is turned the lock is engaged with options for 2 or four point locking. Both locking systems provide a very secure locking solution completely integrated in the handle profile.

Electronic Locking: The electro-mechanic lock integrated into the upper frame profile is based on a DC motor that moves a locking bar system in linear direction. This engages with two swing bolts introducing into a closing leaf, thus permitting multi-point locking in the upper leaf area and hence a higher security class.

Operation is either by electronic control system via push-buttons or by radio remote control. In the event of a power failure, an emergency back-up battery ensures that the locking system can still be used for a short time. Lateral access permits manual emergency unlocking and emergency locking.

The system can be vented for aeration by incorporating’ slot hole aeration’. Three locking positions are installed to allow the system to be locked securely in place whilst allowing small ventilation gaps at the side without interrupting the expanse of glass.

German test institutes follow the most severe tests available in the market. The test institutes like IFT Rosenheim are famous and well known for their impeccable reputation. The certificates that have been obtained are based on tests that have used Large Sliding Glass Doors. Some competitors would rather prefer to use smaller dimensions to enhance the test results and make statements that are rather ambiguous.

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