Turney Road

A small glazed extension in Putney with slim framed sliding glass doors

and frameless glass walls

The traditional Victorian house in Putney was given a renovation and rear extension to extend the useable living space and create a modern environment in the house with open plan living areas. The extension itself was done in the design of IQ’s Contemporary Orangery Extension with a solid roof and near frameless glass surrounds. To the rear, leading onto the small garden thin framed Sliding Glass Doors allow for a floor to ceiling glass door with no visible frame. The returning walls were made from frameless structural glass panels to continue that frameless appearance around the extension.

Not clearly seen on the photographs is also an opaque pivoting door to the left of the extension and a set of thin Sliding Glass Doors to the right which will get much more use once the neat landscaping has been completed in the back garden.

System Type

Contemporary Orangery


Sliding Glass Doors


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