Modo Vitro

Modo Vitro is a range of new single glazed conservatories from IQ Glass.

The slim aluminium framing is highly durable and allows maximum glass

exposure to reduce the feeling of being enclosed and merging your

Modo Vitro with your garden and external space.

Frameless glass panels can be used on all three open sides of your Modo Vitro conservatory which can be slid or folded away neatly to open out your conservatory to the garden.

The Modo Vitro glass extension can be shaped and designed to suit your building shape, with the option for the roof to overhang for drainage and different corner details to suit your garden and house shape.

Make your Modo Vitro fit you


Included in the Modo Vitro range are a collection of stylish awning and shading solutions. Integrated into the minimal aluminium framing you can easily protect your Modo Vitro Conservatory from the sun at the touch of a button.


For nights the integral LED lighting strips are a great option. Either for entertaining or for a quiet night in the Led lights are built into the aluminium supports of the Modo Vitro glass box and cast a gentle light over your glass extension. The light bars are remote control operated with the function to dim the lights to suit the atmosphere.


For cooler nights you could choose to have the Modo Vitro heating lamp within your glass box. The Infra-red radiant heat lamp fixes internally to your Modo Vitro and baths the glass box with a gentle heated glow.


Within the slim framed glass roof of the Modo Vitro you have the option to include ventilation panels to help keep the internal environment fresh. Either chose between a hinged venting roof panel or a sliding roof section to open up whole panel in the glass roof.

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What’s Your Modo Vitro?

Charlie, 34

I use my Modo Vitro for my morning Yoga sessions. I love the feeling of being outside and in my Modo Vitro I can do this whilst being enclosed and warm.

I added the sliding roof panels in my Modo Vitro glass box as well as the automatic shading in pale blue – that way it still looks like the sky.

Bert, 68

I love to read – books, newspapers, journals – and my Modo Vitro is the perfect place. It is quiet, tranquil and surrounded by my garden.

I opted to have the built in heating lamp as well as some shading awnings to the roof so I can enjoy a good book all year round.


Katie, 39

My kids love my Modo Vitro. It’s a great play space with loads of natural light.

We paint, we play, we make and in the summer we fold back all the frameless glass panels and they have clear, step free access to our garden. It’s great!


Joanna, 70

My coffee mornings with the girls are always in my Modo Vitro, it’s a great place to sit and have a catch up with easy access to the kitchen for a top up.

I had the interrogated LED lights installed into the roof – that way the girls can come round for wine evenings as well.


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